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Kara...Paladin knight?! by Finaltelkai Kara...Paladin knight?! :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 2 0 Chapter 8. Escape From Madness by Finaltelkai
Mature content
Chapter 8. Escape From Madness :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 10 0
Sighting by Finaltelkai Sighting :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 3 7
Bloody Rose
Name: Melissa Cortez
Alias: Bloody Rose
Identity: Public
Age: 28
Height: 6’5
Weight: 190 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: Omega level Meta human (Biologically made)
Hair color: Jet Black
Eye color: Violet
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship: None
Family: Gabriel and Louisa Cortez (Presumed dead)
Education: Graduated with honors from high school making vala Victorian and acquired PHD in biology
as well as a doctorate in chemistry.
Occupation: Former lead researcher and developer for the Phoenix CORP. No longer employed
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music, dancing, playing games
Current Residence: Angel Falls Sanitarium for the criminally insane
Powers: Super human Strength, speed, flight, super human hearing, atomic energy
Enemies: Mega Girl, Lady Quantum, Amelia Daniels, Phoenix CORP, population of Angel Falls, anyone with a pulse
Allies: None
Defensive abilities: Super human toughness, Natural mental defense, Energy Shield
Personality: A deranged
:iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 8 9
Mega girl profile
Name: Kara Nelson
Alias: Mega Girl
Identity: Secret to the public
Age: 28
Place of birth: Chicago IL
Gender: Female
Species: Omega class Meta human (Biologically made)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 6’4 (
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color: Red
Eyes: Bright green (Note wearing masks causes eyes to go straight white)
Relationship:  Lady Quantum
Education: High School diploma and vala Victorian award college bachelor degree (Issued by MRTD: Meta human response and tactics division after her escape from captivity)
Allies:  Lady Quantum, Amelia Daniels, Mega Mime, MRTD, Lenny Melderani (Employer and agent)
Enemies:  Nathan Doyle (Deceased) , Melissa Cortez AKA Bloody Rose,
Occupation: Employed as female Meta human model at Champion Boy Magazine employed by Lenny Melderani
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music, watching movies, bothering Terry
Current residence: Angel Falls
Powers: Super human strength, speed, flight, super human hearing, atomic energy(Note the ability to fire atomi
:iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 10 4
Mega-girl data-base by Finaltelkai Mega-girl data-base :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 10 8
Mature content
Chapter 7. Into the jaw's of hell :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 6 9
Mature content
Chapter 6. Dark days :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 4 8
Mature content
Chapter 5. The Ties That Bind :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 1 6
Mega-Girl Delivering Hot And Ready Butt kickings by Finaltelkai Mega-Girl Delivering Hot And Ready Butt kickings :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 9 16
Chapter 4. A Little Persepctive
Have you ever had a moment of utter disbelief because it’s hard to wrap your head around such and such time passing? Well that was what Kara was having on yet another painfully bright aggravatingly long Monday morning which one might think was pleasant for a book worm that enjoyed her studies nearly as much as she did. However a lot can change in the course of over a year. One might have gotten another job working to help further pay or perhaps one might have tried to balance out a new found relationship while juggling school and that new job.
Yes life had changed for Kara since that night at the party. Now she was every bit the social butterfly her parents knew and dreaded she might be with her irregular sleep patterns thanks to being out late either with Melissa for fun reasons or with Doyle for relationship reasons though not without of course having a long pleasant sit down with Kara’s father Gunnery Sargent Adrian Nelson and his extensive knowledge of the human body. &
:iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 4 9
A Life Well Lived
It seemed that tonight would be another long night for both Kara and Melissa much as every night had been for the past year but tonight seemed somehow different to Kara. The sound of the pounding music and muffled laughs and cheers of the party goers around the room. Most times they would almost seem like shadows until the blazing lights of the dance floor roamed over them once more showing a bunch of college student, most of them drunk but having a good time.
Peering at the scene Kara could feel a small knot in the pit of her stomach as her knees froze up under her. It was like something inside her was saying not to go in but why? There was nothing to be scared of here. She had Melissa with her and certainly while there were no real police to speak of there was certainly well equipped security team present on the grounds of the massive white house.
Before the young red head could fill herself with any further doubt a pair of hands clapped loudly just inches from her nose. “Hey!&
:iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 8 11
Moon gazing by Finaltelkai Moon gazing :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 7 9 A bit better than what I normally do by Finaltelkai A bit better than what I normally do :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 8 10 Shield that bashes by Finaltelkai Shield that bashes :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 9 13 Mega girl by Finaltelkai Mega girl :iconfinaltelkai:Finaltelkai 8 11


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Mature content
game break :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,776 74
honey, i saw this movie today and...... by shiniez
Mature content
honey, i saw this movie today and...... :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,852 72



Kara...Paladin knight?!
So I was feeling a tad silly and decided, "Hey! Wouldn't it be cool to make a kinda alternate version of Kara?" The answer by the way might surprise you. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the piece and that you have a great day!

Kara Nelson/Mega-Girl is property of me :iconfinaltelkai: Please do not attempt to use or copy this character. Thank you!
Chapter 8. Escape From Madness

One large amazingly bright light shining down on a dark skinned young women. Her body covered by two sheets of fabric, one small deep breath inward causing her chest to lift and fall as she gazed upward with an emotionless face. The surgeon as he leaned over the table “Are you ready Dr. Cortez?” He asked with his face half covered by his surgical mask. Melissa turned her head gazing over at the observation window. A silent cold glare was all she could manage to the man standing at it before finally nodding “Let’s do this.” She said turning her attention back to the lights above, trying to keep her attention from the small end table filled with tools for medical purposes or at least that is what she called them.

While Melissa lay in the cold embrace of metal and tender care of the medical staff who would soon make the room a new level of hell that even Dante could not imagine, Nathan sat along with his thoughts otherwise occupied by the conversation he had that morning. “He’s not happy Mr. Doyle.” the words echoing and giving shape to its speaker a tall woman with dark hair “Your little lovers spat has put our plans in jeopardy” She continued as her heels clicked along the floor “Please…I…I can make it right…” Nathan replied as he lay on the floor writhing about with small trickles of blood seeping from his eyes. “Oh I know you can Nate and I’ll tell you why.”

At that moment the woman leaned in whispering softly into Nathans ears “Because he said to tell you…last chance” the words chilled him to his very core leaving him paralyzed in a state of sheer horror even now as he sat reading to give exactly what it was he had promised. Doyle took in a deep breath and swallowed with a soft gulp “Last chance.” He muttered to himself before finally turning towards the window and from there no sooner did Nathan give the go ahead than were the halls now ringing with the wales of a whole other tormented soul. The voice echoing down the corridor to fill each and every single cell nearby including one particular cell, one of which within lay a large woman draped bloody, shredded rags that hung from her body as she lay there curled into a ball with her long crimson mane strewn along the floor.

A pair of brilliant emerald green eyes darted around the dark dank pit that had served as her only safe haven and her tomb. It was the place where she died and was buried so many times it was hard to keep track anymore, all that she knew was the needles and the blades and all those lovely glowing tubes… she couldn’t remember anything other than this small dark room with the voice of pain echoing through the walls but over time there had been new sounds, birds chirping, howling winds, a soft pitter patter of rain falling onto a hard surface. The trouble being that here she was in this large stone room with no windows and only one large steel door so how the hell could she hear anything?

What had they done to her? Why did she feel so different, so amazingly good after god only knows how many beatings and time spent being sliced into just so some masked shadowy doctor could shove another large needle filled with glowing ooze inside her body, why did she feel better than she ever had any of the other days of her life? So many questions and yet not nearly enough answers which is being generous given the distinct lack of conversation at all except on the part of the guards who constantly “escorted” her from her cell with such loving tender care. Which speaking of, she could swear that she could hear them more and more clearly every single time she returned and this time? This time was no exception.

She could hear the sound of heavy boots clacking against metal floors, the sound of their breathing and hell even the sound of their heartbeats or perhaps it was her own. It was hard to tell as just knowing they were there moving through the halls filled her with a heavy sense of dread. Not of the men themselves, what they did healed quickly but the needles and knives? Those stayed long after the so called ‘doctors’ had finished blinding her with that glaring light as they sliced and stabbed into her body. Granted the idea of being having her hair pulled while a bunch of men forced her out of a cell by beating her and using cattle prods wasn’t particularly an enthralling ideal either but between the two she preferred the bruises over the blood but then again…anyone in this situation probably would too.

Closer now, she could hear them just outside the door talking about as they put it “their plan of attack” which given the beatings she had received each and every night since coming here? Well the words seemed more than appropriate in the grand scheme of things but now…now the time for what little light heartedness had passed. The giant heavy metal door squeaked open letting in a blinding ray of light but not the sort offering freedom and peace, no that light was for someone else because this one simply let a group of tall violent men pour in from outside but something had changed. Were they hitting her? She could hear them yelling clear as day calling her all manners of names but for some reason they weren’t hitting her. Or maybe they were? She could feel something but it didn’t hurt. It was more like when a fly lands on your skin, your left with a slight tingle but that’s about all.

“Goddamn it!” One of the men in black shouted “What the hell are ya doing just get her up and let’s go! Come on ya fucking cow!” His roar followed up by a kick to the back of her thigh but again there was no pain…there was however her foot flying blindly to kick the man and with it came a strange sound, like twigs cracking under a heavy footstep. With that sound the strange sensation stopped, she rose up from her huddled little spot on the floor to see  what had happened and the sight she was met with filled her with sheer horror. The sat the man who had hurt her so many times for so long, his back pressed against the hard stone wall, eyes wide frozen in a state of complete shock, a long stream of blood flowing from his mouth “What…what’s happened?” She asked as she began to stand “Weapons free!” A voice cried out calling her attention over to the rest of the men in the room. “It was an accident…why…I don’t understand” she continued before letting out a shriek as each man drew and fired their automatic weapons.

Again her eyes shut expecting to die but either they were really bad shots or something else was going on and much like all of the questions she had it could only be answered once she opened her eyes…she could see small sparks bursting along her skin. Her skin which had no sign of cuts or scars or bruises which made even less sense than why bullets from automatic weapons would be bouncing off from a normal girl’s skin but then again all she had to do was realize that she wasn’t looking forward to see the men in front of her…she was looking down, as if looking at a group of young boys firing off pop guns. It was too much, so many question with strange answers that gave way to more questions. She wanted out; no she needed to get out and nothing in this world or beyond was going to keep her from doing just that.

Truth be told I don’t really think anything could stop her at the time. As she made her way into the hall her eyes began to water as the florescent bulbs shined down on her now towering figure, this pain was welcome however as it only meant one thing and that was that she was just that little step closer to getting out. Soon however she was pulled back to reality by the sound of men and women shouting “Take her down!” they yelled. She turned as she did so more lights flashed in front of her and over her body; she raised her hands up to cover herself since that was all she could do at the time. A squad of solders in a firing line blasting down an empty white hall way at a young women who had either had a remarkable growth spirt and a lot of vegetables in her diet with a crumbled up stone and steel wall behind her or had something else done. They were firing though weren’t they? As she peeked out from behind her hand she saw the flashes of their guns blasting away and yet for some reason nothing.

There was the sound of gunfire but something else as well…metal? Small pieces of metal striking something but what was it they were striking? A question asked and added to the growing list. The difference being that this one was answered, before her bare feet lay bent and broken little metal shells that continued to rain down after having apparently struck her body. Now killing someone, even someone who deserves it can really mess with your head but then again so can everything else she had to endure. Now suddenly she’s smashing walls and taking bullets that aren’t even leaving a mark? Well suffice to say enough was enough, it was well past time to get out of here and so she sprang forward charging down the firing squad like a linebacker with who had hell on their heels.

Or more like if the incredible Hulk was a linebacker with hell on his heels given that she wasn’t just plowing through the solders, she was plowing through walls, reinforced blast doors that tried to close and even a few windows without so much as slowing down. She was a freight train on a mission which could be summed up by the words repeating over and over in her head “Find Melissa. Find Melissa. Gotta find Melissa” she said to herself over and over again until finally with one final obstacle broken down before her…she realized there was no Melissa, not anymore and maybe there never was. Instead standing in front of her stood a woman of her same height, her same build but with a few minor details changed.

It wasn’t just that she had dark raven locks or that she was wearing clothes that fit her and weren’t ripped to shreds, it was the fact that she was standing there smiling with blood dripping down from her lips and chin. Her teeth stained with the same crimson color while she grinned like they chessy cat and in her hands? In one hung a lifeless corpse and in the other was a head whose face was warped in pain and fear. “Kara.” The women practically whispered the word before dropping the lifeless corpse to the ground “Your free Kara…just like me.” She continues on as she lifted her blood soaked hands.

Was this really Melissa? Or was it some sort of monster who simply looked and sounded like Melissa? At that moment it didn’t matter as at last the last ounce of awareness had given way and in it’s place was but one single instinct, the instinct to run. Just as the blood soaked Melissa drew near a cry that would make the banshee herself shiver with fright bellowed out from Kara’s lungs before raising her hand and shoving the towering maiden to the side. Her feet then did the rest driving her onward as she continued her cry all through this place of hell and soon through the last barrier that led to her freedom. So lost an broken she didn’t even realize at the moment of her emergence that she was falling but then it didn’t matter in the least. As she struck the solid earth cracking the very stone, she scrambled back to her feet tearing through trees and leaping over mountains.

Not that she knew any of that since the only image that she could see was the image of the women whom she had trusted, cared for and even loved. The women who had betrayed her and condemned her to a seemingly unknowable hell had finally shown herself to be the young women’s own personal devil. The idea becoming worse and worse with every passing second the thoughts drained her more than the physical torture ever did while tearing at her mind until finally she collapsed face first into a pool of mud. She had no idea where she was anymore or what was going on all she wanted was just a little rest. “Just a little rest…just a little…” She thought to herself until at last with one final flutter of her eyes she drifted off into the sweet nothingness of sleep.


I know this chapter took a while and I'll be the first to admit I need a freaking editor but still I hop you enjoy it!
The image above was done by :iconlady-quantum:
Kara Nelson/Mega Girl, Melissa Cortez/Bloody Rose, Nathan Doyle and all other characters mentioned in the story are property of me :iconfinaltelkai: Please do not use these characters without contacting me first. Thank you!
This story takes place before the events of :iconangel-fallsda: or :iconangelfalls-westend:

So I just woke up in someplace I don't know having to beat the ever living snot out of each and every living being I've bumped into. Also I've determined that there are a whole race of people who seem to be my height but for some reason clothes aren't made that fit right! I'm pretty sure I'm in China or something and have been for a while which...hence the hair...anyhow trying to find a way home. Don't know how this is gonna go but I know if I don't try then Terry is gonna be worried sick if she isn't already so I got no choice but to get back. DO OR DIE!

Journal entry of day 1 by Kara Nelson
Kara Nelson is property of me ::iconfinaltelkai:: other characters who received mention namely Terressa Renne ' Martin are property of ::iconlady-quantum:: please do not copy or use these characters without the aforementioned consent of myself or LQ.
And as always Enjoy!
So hey guys...if there are any reading this. Ehem anyhow uh...right let's get this show on the road right? Okay so fact is I haven't really been posting alot of stuff and by that I mean pretty much nothing which is really how do I put this gently hmmm..screw it. It's flat out crap! So far I've got like three things all together which is totally unfair to all my other friend plus one of those things is Kara's story which I know there are a few people hoping that the sequel to the story will turn out so much better than that first page because let's face it. Chapter one was totally lame!
Well that being said I'm gonna be working on getting my crap together and trying to put up the next two chapters of Kara's origin so for those people who have been waiting on that let me give you a big fat your welcome! Also a major I'm sorry for not getting this done sooner. I'd say that I've been really busy but uh well that doesn't seem to cover it. Well he ha whom I'll be working on the rest of Shield lass's story for those people who have been hoping I would get the rest know who you are.
Aside from all that I'll also be working on getting a few more pictures up because why not that's why! So neh! Yeah...yeah that works. Pardon me if I seem a little goofy right now after about the forth coke (the soda not the stuff you sniff or smoke...just for the record.) You get a little whats the word...wait why am I looking for a word? I already put down goofy! Gah okay so weirdness aside like I said I'm gonna be trying to get my stuff together and I look forward to seeing your thoughts of the upcoming story as well as checking out of your own awesome works because let's face guys know ya do bad ass work..yeah ya do. Come know it. Yeah you know it...HEY!........yeah ya do.
I did warn you I was goofy right? Ehem so getting back on track I hope that you enjoy the stuff that I plan on having up in the next couple of days provided of course things like work and family and blah blah blah engage the charlie brown adult voice here. You get the picture. So with all that said I'm gonna apologize one more time for the lack of new stuff and hope that you enjoy the all new stories that will be coming your way at a deviantART site which is located...right in front of you! Oh the convenience.
Now with all that said which is not really a whole lot but frankly on top of feeling goofy I'm also feeling this is more than enough in my book! Also majorly important thing. Big shout out to :iconieliara: for just being so awesome as well as :iconlady-quantum: for not just inspiring me to put myself out there but also helping me grow as both a person and writer...well amateur writer but you get the idea. ^^;
Also just in case she thinks I forgot shout out to :icondarkchyldeinc: for being there. I'd also like to give a shout out to a personal favorite artist who you guys probably know really well :iconteri-minx: who after seeing her work and reading it really inspired me to do what I'm doing now...and hasn't really received any comments from me but fact is I fell in love with her writing. So anyhow thanks to all of you for just being you and I hope that I'm able to do something that you can enjoy!
Side note to anyone reading this who hasn't checked out their pages...CHECK EM OUT! That is all. Laters! ;)


United States


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